• For whom ? :

    For resorts, restaurants,
    Set up music programs for each location theme.

  • Multi-zone managing your music broadcasts :

    The main interest of Anemone is the number of audio programs as they may be managed by a single PC. Currently with standard equipment we can simultaneously manage up to 16 music programs. You can act on each of the programs in real time and adjust the music broadcast transmission area.

  • A system tailored to users :

    A supermarket can stream music programs with advertisements tailored to the range over which the diffusion takes place or a hotel can leisurely sound with its different sectors (floors, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.) with a single PC.

  • Store hours of music and programs :

    With MP3 technology, store over 100 hours of music on a hard drive of 50 GB. So you have thousands of titles that are available in seconds.

  • A delayed broadcast :

    The Anemone allows you to prepare now, from your databases, programs that you distribute all next week without having to intervene when broadcast.